How it works

Real estate investing in Italy with WOI Destination Club


A conscious purchasing choice

Real estate investing in Italy with WOI Destination Club is simple and safe. Our rental properties are part of the portfolio of the member companies of the Windows on Europe Group (Halldis, Windows on Italy, Rentxpress). All our apartments and villas are carefully selected for you based on quality criteria, on their location, and on the potential revenue they could generate with our rental property management.

We offer complete transparency: all our properties for sale in Italy are meticulously analyzed, the related information are collected and stored in a data room, which is shared with the potential buyer.


Investing with us is easy: WOI Destination Club simplifies the home buying process by allowing you to stay in all the properties you are interested in for a real estate investment. We provide possible financial support through deferment of the payment, and by finding financial partners and local consultants to help you with evaluation of your second home.


Tailored purchase options:
WOI Destination Club enables you to purchase your second home in Italy with the payment formula that best fits your needs:

  • Upfront payment of the full sum
  • Purchase with reservation of ownership: requiring a down payment at the time of the purchase, with the remaining balance to be settled over a specified time.

Real property management for short term rentals

Every real estate investment is managed directly by us with care and passion, insured and subject to constant maintenance, in order to offer the tenants the best experience possible.

The objective of the Windows on Europe Group is perfectly aligned with the interests of our investors: taking extreme care of every detail to ensure that each property maintains its optimum conditions.

In order to satisfy the needs of its investors, WOI Destination Club deals with all the aspects relating to real property management:


  • promotion of the properties via the Group’s numerous websites, the main OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies), 3,000 travel and relocation agencies and tour operators around the world, and a database of over 200,000 clients;
  • rental property management, that is administration of all the bureaucratic procedures linked to the rental of your second home;
  • post-sale customer care;
  • care of the property through an ongoing maintenance process.


Carefree real estate investing: we take care of everything for you!


Your real estate investment: Fruition, Yield, Resale

WOI Destination Club: not only a buy to let service. We offer the unique opportunity of investing in a second home and staying in many properties of the Club, thanks to the yield generated with our rental property management.

When the house is not used by the investor, it can be rented out in order to produce a revenue that can be exploited in several ways:


  • cashed in directly
  • utilized for vacation or business trips, staying in other properties of the Club
  • applied towards the settlement of the remaining balance owed in the case of purchase with reservation of ownership.


Moreover, if you decide to sell your property, you can take advantage of the Club’s network by accessing the different international sales channels and a database of over 800 private and institutional investors, who have been entrusting Windows on Europe with their real estate investments since 1986.